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The Maids, Cocteau Repertory Theatre



This website serves as the professional site for Richard Dunham as a freelance Lighting and Scenic Designer as well as the online site for Dunham Design Associates. I provide design services in a variety of fields of lighting and scenic design --some in more traditional areas of entertainment (theatre, dance, musical theatre, etc.) and some in related areas of entertainment and architectural lighting as well as consultation (residential, commercial and landscape lighting; worship, display, special events/festivals and club/musical artists/groups, etc.). You will find a wide variety of information on this site related to my personal experience as an entertainment designer as well as information concerning my work as a consultant and specifier for a variety of architectural and related design services.

Use the menus across the top of the page to gain access to information regarding my experience/background and the menus to the left as a means of navigating through a variety of portfolio or gallery materials. This site works best in browsers with screen resolutions of 1020 pixels wide or greater. Some of the gallery pages, depending on your network connection and download speeds, may take a moment to load. Enjoy!


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